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Allthingspatio.com is a great place to find that Water Fountain or Wall Fountain.
Free standing Water Fountains that can be wired or solar or both are found at allthingspatio.com.
At allthingspatio.com we have Wall Fountains that also can be wired or solar or both.
Whether for the inside of your home or on the patio or in the garden, allthingspatio.com has the right Water Fountain or Wall Fountain for you.
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Solar Birdbath Pump Solar Birdbath Pump
Our Price: $50.00
Allthingspatio.com is a site where you can find just about anything for your patio and backyard. That includes a Water Fountain or a Wall Fountain from allthingspatio.com. A great way to bring the outdoors indoors is with a Indoor Water Fountain.  Think about that special summer vacation in the Smokies sitting on the deck listening to a stream gently caress through the mountains. You can have that same experience without ever leaving your home. The many Wall Water Fountains or free standing Outdoor Water Fountains from allthingspatio.com will do the trick.  If you have that deck or patio in the back where you spend hours entertaining friends and family, a Garden Water Fountain softly running in the background sets a comforting tone. What about that garden area you have manicured so perfectly with all the beautiful flowers and plants. A Backyard Water Fountain among the d├ęcor only adds to the ambiance of your backyard. At allthingspatio.com our Water Fountains and Wall Water Fountains are constructed using a very lightweight resin or fiberglass material. The way these Wall Water Fountains and Outdoor Water Fountains are constructed is to withstand the sun and not fade in color or characteristic. We have a large number of Water Fountains of different types. Tiered and themed Outdoor Water Fountains from allthingspatio.com are designed to give you a picture of days gone by. Like a boy and his dog at the fishing hole or a boy and girl getting water from a well. Or how about a three tiered Garden Water Fountain with a pineapple top and the many Wall Water Fountains appearing like a lion's head with the water running from his mouth. Allthingspatio.com has a very large selection of premium Water Fountains and Wall Water Fountains to choose from. You might not be able to decide between two or three and have to get them all. Want to have that constantly running water without spending any or very little on electricity? At allthingspatio.com we have both Solar Water Fountains and Solar Wall Water Fountains that are powered from solar. You can decide whether to run them solely off solar energy or to have a backup being wired directly. With our Garden Water Fountains from allthingspatio.com, we recommend purchasing a cover for your Water Fountain if you live in an area where you get freezing temperatures in the winter. You can choose to bring the Backyard Water Fountain indoors during those times of the year to continue enjoying that peaceful sound of a stream flowing over and around rocks. At allthingspatio.com we have so much more than Water Fountains and Wall Water Fountains. If you are wanting to complete that dream patio, check out our complete patio sets.  We have Teak sets, Cedar sets, Cast Aluminum sets and of course everyone's favorite All-Weather Wicker. Allthingspatio.com also carries complete Dining Sets in Teak, Cedar, Cast Aluminum and All-Weather Wicker. If you need just one or two pieces, you can buy each piece individually as well. But it doesn't stop there, allthingspatio.com also carries a large number of all Cedar products. From Garden Hutches, Arbors, Trellises, Planter Boxes and Swings for both the porch and backyard, allthingspatio.com gives you the choice. Looking for a designer Fire Pit, allthingspatio.com carries them as well. We carry Patio Heaters, Birdhouses and Birdfeeders as well as these great Water Fountains and Wall Water Fountains.  Check out allthingspatio.com for all your patio and backyard needs.