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At allthingspatio.com, we don't just want to sell you anything that you can't protect and cover to enjoy for years to come.
You can never have enough outside storage for those cushions and pillows, allthingspatio.com has your answer.
Want to shield the sun from your afternoon tea on the patio, our umbrellas are just the answer.
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At allthingspatio.com we specialize in things you need to protect your backyard and patio products. Starting with the large selection of Quality Fire Pits both standard and designer Pits, allthingspatio.com carries a good selection of Fire Pit Covers to protect these Quality Fire Pits from weather wear. Our Fire Pit Covers are treated for UV protection and have drawstrings to securely protect your Quality Fire Pit. And what good is a Quality Fire Pit if you don't have any wood to burn in it. At allthingspatio.com we carry a few Log Racks and here again, allthingspatio.com carries the Log Rack Covers to not only protect the Rack and Wood, but are constructed with easy open fronts for ease of loading and unloading the wood you need. Want to enjoy using that beautiful patio even after the sun goes down on those early spring and fall evenings? Allthingspatio.com carries a large selectin of Patio Heaters. Of course, allthingspatio.com carries a very large selection of Patio Heater Covers. As with the Fire Pit Covers, our Patio Heater Covers are UV treated to protect your investment of the Patio Heater. Where do you store those cushions and pillows that so beautifully accent your Patio Furniture? Here at allthingspatio.com we carry a variety of sizes and colors of Quality Wicker Storage. All of our Wicker Storage is hand made from all-weather wicker to withstand the elements. Allthingspatio.com is your one stop shop for all of your backyard, patio and garden needs. We carry a huge selection of Quality Teak, Cedar and All-Weather Wicker Patio Sets. You will also find Quality Dining Sets, Teak, Cedar and Wicker Swings for both porch and backyard, Cedar Arbors and Trellises, Cedar Bridges and Cedar Planter Boxes, Fire Pits both of conventional style and designer Fire Pits hand made by an artist. How about Log Racks and Covers for both Log Racks and Fire Pits at allthingspatio.com. Patio Heaters to keep you comfortable on those cool evenings. Waterfalls that are free standing and wall mounted. Waterfalls that are also completely solar powered or wired or both. Allthingspatio.com can transform your patio, backyard and garden into the space you always dreamed of. Check us out and we will make sure you are completely satisfied with the entire experience from allthingspatio.com.