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Allthingspatio.com carries a large selection to the largest seller in Quality patio furniture, the Anderson Patio Furniture.
The Anderson Patio Furniture from allthingspatio.com specializes in just about anything you can make with Teak lumber.
The teak timber that is used by Anderson Patio Furniture is forested in Java and considered the finest quality of Teak in the world.
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24" Lazy Susan 24" Lazy Susan
Our Price: $140.00
Allthingspatio.com is proud to offer our customers the pieces and sets of Quality patio furniture from Anderson Patio Furniture. Anderson Patio Furniture has lines of Quality patio furniture in wood, cast aluminum and wicker. Anderson Patio Furniture uses only Teak timber that is forested in Java, Indonesia. The Teak lumber from this area is considered to be the finest quality of Teak in the world and allthingspatio.com has this to offer to you. Teak has a long history and was used in the ancient days to build ships. This is because of the nature of the wood to withstand humidity and temperature changes. Teak is used primarily in the tropical climates for this very reason as well. Teak also is a type of wood that is very high in natural oils. This gives the woodworkers the added feature of sanding each piece to a very smooth natural finish. At allthingspatio.com we carry a large selection of Anderson Patio Furniture. Starting with Quality Dining Sets, allthingspatio.com has sets for just 4 people or sets for 12 people, so no matter what size you are looking for the Anderson Patio Furniture line has it. And the styles from Anderson Patio Furniture are the most ancient of old that never go out of style and the newest on the market. If you are looking for something more intimate for just one or two, look at the Bistro and Bar sets from allthingspatio.com. Allthingspatio.com also sells the pieces of these sets individually if you are needing to just replace a chair or stool. Make sure you check out the Quality Bar Sets from allthingspatio.com in the Anderson Patio Furniture line. With the normal Bar stand that almost everyone carries to a piece only they make that we carry, an accordion type of Bar stand that can get larger for those big parties and smaller for just a few. Anderson Patio Furniture also hand crafts swings for both the porch and for the backyard and allthingspatio.com carries these as well. Then you will find their Quality Patio Sets using All-Weather Wicker that is resin synthetic wicker that will not splinter, rot or decay. If you are looking for a quality hand crafted piece of Patio furniture, check out a piece from the Anderson Patio Furniture carried by allthingspatio.com. The Anderson Patio Furniture line is one example of Patio Furniture available from allthingspatio.com. Looking at Cedar, allthingspatio.com has Quality Garden Hutches, Arbors, Trellises, Swings for both the porch and for the backyard, Planter Boxes, Raised Planter Boxes, Benches, Chairs, Dining Sets, Foot Stools, Ottomans, Loveseats and more. All made from 100% Grade A Western Red Cedar and all hand crafted and sanded to a smooth natural finish. Moving on to the Cast Aluminum, because this furniture is made with Cast Aluminum it is 100% maintenance free. All of the Quality Cast Aluminum pieces from allthingspatio.com have joints that are welded, ground and polished so you don't even know where they are at. Allthingspatio.com carries Quality Dining Sets, Bistro Sets, Lawn Ornaments and more in the Cast Aluminum line. Then we get to my favorite type of patio furniture, Wicker. At allthingspatio.com our Quality All-Weather Wicker pieces are again hand made and we use only the best quality of resin synthetic wicker so you don't have to worry about splintering, rot or decay. In this wicker line, allthingspatio.com carries Quality Patio Sets, Swings, Chairs, Dining Sets, Sofas, Loveseats, Ottomans and much more. So when you shop at allthingspatio.com for your Bird House or Birdfeeder, check out the rest of what we carry. You won't be disappointed with allthingspatio.com.